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  • Allow a 10 day loading period: take 4 tablespoons per day. After the loading period, take 1 or 2 tablespoons per day.

  • For best results, take on an empty stomach, before your meal.

  • Add it to your coffee, tea, water, milk, smoothie...

  • Avoid using boiling liquid to dissolve the powder



- Colette S.


- Mary H.

- Shawn S. 


"I've struggled with constipation and gut problems for years and have tried everything. There are times I looked pregnant from so much gas and constipation.  I put a scoop in my morning coffee.  It gets me going! I also feel more energized!"

"I'm a mom with young children.  The creamer gives me so much energy, and it tastes great!"


"I don't drink coffee in the morning.  This creamer doesn't have much taste, very easy to drink in water.   My brain is more clear.  I feel so much more energy!"




Does Sanaven’s HMO come from human breast milk?

No. Sanaven’s HMO is produced by microbial fermentation and the final product contains more than 98 percent 2’-fucosyllactose, the most abundant HMOs in human breast milk. This makes Sanaven’s HMO the purest human milk oligosaccharide products on the market today. The superior powder properties (high purity and density) of Sanaven’s HMO make it easy and safe to use.


How safe is Sanaven’s HMO?

Sanaven’s HMO is sourced from Europe, and complies with the applicable EU safety standards. MSDS safety and handling compliant.  Certified halal and dairy kosher status.


What do HMOs do? 


HMOs promote the growth of certain beneficial bacteria while suppressing the growth of other disease-causing bacteria.


I already take probiotics, do I still need to take Sanaven’s HMO?

Most of the probiotics on the market today are killed by the stomach acid before it reaches the colon.The high quality probiotics are very expensive.It’s also very confusing which strains of the probiotics to take to achieve the results you are expecting. HMOs can reach the colon undigested to feed the gut microbes.Taking both Sanaven’s HMO and the right probiotics can be even more effective.


I already take prebiotics, do I still need to take Sanaven’s HMO?

HMOs are structurally different from classical prebiotics.The similarities stop at they are both indigestible carbohydrates. HMOs resemble the foreign invaders, and they act as soluble decoy.  They actively shape gut microbiota, develop the intestinal and systemic immune systems, while supporting the function of the nervous systems.

Is it safe for adults?

Absolutely! 2'FL has been shown to be vital for digestive health by promoting growth of beneficial bacteria, inhibit adhesion of pathogens, quenching inflammation and normalizing gut movements for both adults and children.

How do I take the creamer and how much a day?

You can add it to your coffee, tea, yogurt, smoothie or soup. It's shelf temperature safe. The minimum dosage a day for an average adult is 5g.  You can take up to 30g/day.


Can I get some free sample to try?

Yes, please email with your name and mailing address.

I'm on a Keto diet.  Can I take this?

Yes! The amount of prebiotics, carbs in the creamer will not kick you out of ketosis

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