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What is HMO?

  • Human Milk Oligosaccharides:  HMOs are sugars found in human breast milk.  There are about 200 types of HMOs that have been identified so far.

  • After lactose and fat, HMOs are the most abundant compound in breast milk.  HMOs have the ability to make it through the digestive system and enter your colon to nourish your gut bacterial community.


What are the unique benefits of HMO?

  • Your gut is your body’s first line of defense.  With a direct link between your gut health and your brain (via the gut-brain axis), supplementing your diet with Sana Superfood Formula ® can go a long way in protecting cognitive health as you get older. 

    • Bifidobacterium thrives with HMO supplementation, and these beneficial bacteria live in your gut and work to improve acidity to promote optimal digestion. These bacteria also work to destroy harmful pathogens such as E.coli, and they can protect you from other dangerous foodborne pathogens. 

    • Most importantly, Bifidobacterium help to maintain and support the integrity and strength of your intestinal wall, which is essential in preventing and treating leaky gut. Millions of adults experience leaky gut because of a poor diet and excessive stress. 

    • With Sana Superfood Formula ® you can protect your gut from increased intestinal permeability and keep harmful pathogens from reaching your bloodstream. The most serious problem associated with leaky gut is its connection to autoimmune disorders. These conditions arise when your immune system attacks otherwise healthy tissues and organs. This excess inflammation can damage healthy cells and tissues, contributing to an autoimmune disorder. 

    • Autoimmune conditions also trigger excessive inflammation, which can damage your gut and gut bacterial community.

    • It is clinically proven that high quality HMO supplementation will boost your probiotic community and prevent digestive troubles as well as promote overall health and well-being.


What are other benefits of HMO?

  • In addition, some HMOs have been found to mimic the attachment sites of harmful bacteria and thus block their ability to attach to and invade cells in the intestine.

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